Bloom Day, February 2009

February 15, 2009

Another bloom day already.  Under normal circumstances, this would be the bloom day with the least blooms to show.  However, we’ve had an unusually warm winter here in Austin, Tx and finally a little rain this past week and things were blooming all over.  I know that you gardeners up in the northen states haven’t been so lucky this winter, so I hope that a few bloom photos from here in sunny Texas will help pull you through til your spring thaw.

Delphinium blooming it's little heart out.

Delphinium blooming it's little heart out.

The first one that I want to show is the delphinium

Delphinium elatum

bloom.  You might notice the ceramic tile in the background and the fact that it’s rather dark.  This one is a bit of a cheat I guess, because yesterday it was blooming so nicely in the front yard until my dog stepped on it and broke it off, so I actually took this on the 14th.  You may fire me if you wish for not following the rules, but I thought it deserved a place in the blog.

Staghorn and Maidenhair ferns

Staghorn and Maidenhair ferns

I might as well get this rule violation out of the way too.  Not technically a flower, this staghorn fern

Platycerium bifurcatum

with a little maidenhair fern poking out looked so good I thought it needed to be seen as well.  Fire me and flog me if you must.

the little troopers

the little troopers

Of the things blooming in the yard today, the violas violacaea viola were giving the best show.  All of my plants were covered in blooms.  Next year I’ll be planting more of these and probably no pansies (which haven’t done so great this year).

Fraternal twins

Fraternal twins


Blooming in a pot with the chamomile

Blooming in a pot with the chamomile

The statice

Limonium sinuatum

was in full bloom (still) with lots of buds just about to open,

Statice in front of the seloum

Statice in front of the seloum

and the sweet allysum

Lobularia maritima

was going crazy too, filling the air with it’s aroma.

Candytuft with some dianthus popping up on top

Candytuft with some dianthus popping up on top

The obligatory close-up.sweet-allysumI was surprised to find this brugmansia

Brugmansia ‘Marbach’

bloom just about to open and so I thought I’d throw it in here even though it is not technically in bloom.

Looks like some sort of alien about to give birth

Feed me, Seymour

This is the very first bloom off of my princess flower

Tibouchina candolleana

.  It just opened up today (I guess it knew what the date was).

They consider these weeds in Hawaii

They consider these weeds in Hawaii

and the Euphorbia in bloom as always.

euphorbiaHad just a couple of the dianthus “Spooky Mix”

Dianthus ‘Spooky Mix’

in bloom.

Kinda pathetic, but technically still a bloom

Kind of anemic looking, but technically still a bloom

The dianthus generally weren’t blooming as well as before, but a couple of the plants still had a few flowers on them.

Blurry dianthus

Blurry dianthus

But they were still putting out a few blooms.

Hot pink on a chilly morning

Hot pink on a chilly morning

Here’s the old ice plant

Delosperma cooperi

with buds that will be opening up by afternoon.

ice-plantA kind of scraggling looking petunia

Petunia grandiflora

bloom, but a bloom nonetheless.

petuniaAnd here you have a snapdragon

Antirrhinum majus

blooming for the second year in a row (that’s right!  It bloomed last year in this same pot)

Second year snapdragon

Second year snapdragon

The old donkey ear kalanchoe Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri is still blooming profusely

aloeLots of blooms still on the verbena

Verbena bonariensis

Verbena blooming in front of the bi-color sage

Verbena blooming in front of the bi-color sage

and another…verbenaThe rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis

was putting on it’s first blooms of the season


And last, but certainly not least, the kangaroo paw

Anigozanthos flavidus

kangaroo-pawThis is an Australian plant.  I purchased this plant last spring and it looked like warmed over death all summer.  I really thought it had died, so I just tossed it into the storage shed with some other plants and noticed a couple of weeks ago that it was covered in blooms.  It seems to like abuse.  It’s gonna love me.

kangaroo-paw21Well that’s it for this post.  Many thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day and for coming up with the idea.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog at my new address.  Stay tuned for more, and more timely posts.


10 Responses to “Bloom Day, February 2009”

  1. Yes, I think those blooms will hold us over for awhile. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Gail Says:

    Do you ever have blooms! lovely ones, too! What a treat to stop by and see a happy garden! Glad your move to WP has bone smoothly…I have mine set up but just haven’t pushed the final button! gail

  3. Jenny Says:

    Oh my! I didn’t know we had to photograph them on the day.I thought the day before was OK. I never would have had time to do it today. Where the heck are you with all those blooms. I doubt my bonariensis will bloom until May- it is only just coming through the ground. A lovely colorful selection.

  4. When I see plants whose names I’ve barely heard of, I know I’m looking at a southern garden. What riches you have at this time of year!

  5. You have a lovely bouquet of blooms for this time of year. I must say I love seeing the Staghorn fern. I am sure Carol won’t mind a few rules violations. I sure didn’t mind. Happy GBBD.

  6. I think August, not February, is my least floriferous month.

    I’m fascinated by your delphinium. I didn’t think true delphiniums could survive Austin’s heat. I grow a lot of larkspur instead. Some of my larkspur has been sending up their bloom stalks but none have bloomed yet. They don’t usually bloom until a month after the bluebonnets. The bluebonnets are making a very poor showing this year because of our ongoing drought.

  7. Jean Says:

    Interesting to hear of your experience with Kangaroo Paw. I had the same thing only I finally chucked mine in the compost bin. Maybe they only bloom in winter in the south?? In fact, I saw some of those at our Big Box store just yesterday. And they were blooming. Hmmm…

  8. Dreamybee Says:

    I love delphiniums! My grandma used to have some in her flower bed right outside their big picture window, and they were always so tall and pretty! Thanks for that reminder. 🙂

  9. Diana Says:

    What great blooms you have. I love the abusive Kangaroo Paw story — sounds like me. I like to say that I am not in charge in my garden! Glad to find your blog — thanks to Pam’s post. Welcome.

  10. Dawn Says:

    I found your blog via Digging. Nice to ‘meet’ you. Those are beautiful blooms. Your Variegated Verbena is spectacular.

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